How does the Big Fig Mattress compare to a foam mattress?


The construction of a Big Fig is quite different than an all-foam mattress. Our sleep support system is 1600 individually wrapped coil springs that actively respond to and push back when compressed. All-foam mattresses use a foam core for support that does not respond to the sleeper but rather absorbs their weight by compressing.

Heavier sleepers will tend to sleep "in" a foam mattress, as opposed to sleeping "on" it. Foam mattresses, particularly ones that utilize memory foam, will also tend to create cavities or depressions that the sleeper will sink into. This leads to discomfort and difficulty turning or rolling into a different position. Our spring support provides a more lively surface that will help you roll and turn to find the perfect position for a great night's sleep. Our spring support in combination with high density foam comfort layers enables us to give you the best of both worlds: an extremely comfortable mattress with exceptional durability. We can’t find an all-foam mattress that can do this.



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