Our Big Difference & Why You Need a Big Fig Mattress

Big Difference

Plus size and big & tall sleepers have different needs when it comes to long-lasting comfort
and quality of sleep. We uncovered the issues ignored by other mattress companies and
devised ways to solve each one. Click on a common problem you identify with below to learn how
the Big Fig Mattress will fix it.

Big Difference Hybrid

Problem 1My Mattress is Softening & Losing Comfort

Our SolutionLong Lasting, Hybrid Construction

Traditional mattresses have inferior components that soften over time as the materials break down. For plus size sleepers, the firmness and comfort level of the mattress can diminish within just a few months of use.

The Big Fig’s hybrid construction of high quality pockets springs and foam provides the ultimate mix of support and comfort. Individually wrapped coils support the layers of foam to maintain their shape and resilience over time.

You can tell that every single part is high quality. I've slept on it about six months now and it is as new as day 1.


Pleasanton, CA

Big Difference Foam

Problem 2My Mattress Is Sagging

Our SolutionHigh Density Foam That Retains Its Shape

A recurring issue among bigger figure sleepers is mattress sag – those uncomfortable holes or impressions that develop in the surface of the mattress over time. The cause of mattress sag lies in the quality and density of the foam layers.

The Big Fig Mattress is constructed with 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot). That’s over 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress.

I love the strength and support our Big Fig mattress provides while still being comfortable. Still no body indentations!!


Colorado Springs, CO

Big Difference Support

Problem 3My Mattresses Lacks Back Support

Our SolutionHigh-End, Individually Wrapped Coil Spring System

That “stuck in the mud” feeling you may have experienced on an all-foam mattress is due to passive resistance foams that don’t respond to changes in pressure or body movements.

With 50% more coils than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market, our 1600 count innerspring system actively pushes back against body weight, and provides underlying support.

I am 350 lbs and always have had problems with my back. This bed provides relief for my already injured lower back. I wake up refreshed and without pain.


Miami, FL

Big Difference Edge

Problem 4Mattress Edges Don’t Support Me

Our SolutionExtra Firm Edge Foam To Keep You In Place

All-foam and traditional mattresses are notorious for poor edge support.The Big Fig Mattress is designed with the firmest foam around the edges to keep you feeling secure in bed, even close to the edge. Supportive edges also expand the usable sleeping area, making your mattress feel more spacious.

The sides of the bed provide so much support my husband can place his knee on the edge when getting into the bed, and the bed does not give. I had no idea how important the support on the edge of bed was until receiving this bed.


Brookhaven, MS

Big Difference Thermogel

Problem 5I Get Hot & Sweaty When I Sleep

Our SolutionThermoGel Cooling Technology & Perforated, Gel-Infused Foam

Our mattress topper is made with ThermoGel cooling technology that actively cools your body temperature as you sleep. The technology activates with moisture contact to create a cooling sensation close to the skin.

In addition to ThermoGel technology, we placed a layer of perforated, gel-infused latex foam directly under the quilted top. This unique combination minimizes overall body temperature, and allows for a cool night's sleep you won't find elsewhere.

I purchased new covers for the mattress one with a cooling gel and found I didn't need it. Along with the beautiful white tufted gel topper the cover is already cool to the touch, very important because I am a hot sleeper.


Short Hills, NJ

Big Difference Tufted

Problem 6My Mattress Layers Are Shifting

Our SolutionTufted In 16 Places To Stop Internal Shifting

When the materials of traditional mattress shift out of place, you’re left with an uneven surface and discomfort. The chance of this happening increases with use.

Tufting prevents material shifting and allows you to enjoy your mattress even longer. We craft our mattress with a significant tuft count (16 tufts for Queen size) to ensure the long-lasting quality of the Big Fig Mattress.

I've had this bed for 4-5 months now and it's exactly what I like, exactly as described and exactly what I needed; quality, through and through.

Fort Tipton

Magnolia, TX

Big Difference Foundation

Problem 7I Don’t Have a Foundation or Box Spring That Supports My Weight

Our SolutionBuild The Strongest Foundation For The Best Support

Without a strong foundation, a mattress will degrade even faster and can cause premature sagging. The Big Fig Mattress and Foundation are designed to work together as a support system – the foundation absorbs the impact from the mattress, which increases the longevity of the materials.

The Big Fig Foundation has 18, 2.5 inch wide slats and double center rails to support 5 times the weight of a standard foundation. The foundation is included with your purchase of the mattress!

We've had our BigFig for a couple of weeks and are very pleased with quality of the frame, foundation and mattress set, the durability, and most of all, the comfort!


La Crosse, KS

Big Difference Durabilty

Problem 8My Mattresses Only Last 3-5 Years

Our SolutionTested & Proven To Last 20 Years With Published Results

The average lifespan of a traditional mattress is frustratingly short – especially for plus size sleepers. We sent the Big Fig Mattress to a 3rd party testing facility to prove its durability and longevity. We used a heavier weight than normal (350lbs to be exact) and more rotations to simulate 20 years of use. The Big Fig passed with flying colors!

Learn more about our test results here:

See test results
Big Difference Warranty

Problem 9Other Warranties Didn’t Cover My Old Mattress Like I Expected

Our SolutionAn Impressive 20 Year Warranty

The typical warranty length for a mattress is 10 years. Some offer a longer time, but don’t include free repair and replacement for the full warranty length. We didn’t like that.

We believe in our product so strongly, that we are fully backing it for 20 years. This includes free repair and replacement for the full warranty length.

Free Repair

Free Replacement

Same Coverage For Full 20 Years

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