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The Mattress

What kind of mattress is a Big Fig? 

Big Fig is a hybrid innerspring mattress that combines a premium, high coil count wrapped innerspring system with high density and specialty foams for the ultimate level of comfort, support and durability for plus sized sleepers.

What is the edge support like on the Big Fig Mattress?

Unlike most mattresses, Big Fig utilizes a very high quality, high density, extremely firm foam around the entire mattress that is designed specifically for exceptional edge support. When you sit on it, as most people do when they get into bed (or put on their shoes), you’ll immediately notice the difference. Most other mattresses, especially those made of all foam, do not utilize special materials for edge firmness and therefore have soft, unsupportive edges that will break down over time.

How much weight is the Big Fig Mattress designed to support?

Our mattress is designed to support up to 1000 lbs. of weight of 2 sleepers (in queen, king or Cal king mattress sizes) or up to 500 lbs. of a single sleeper (on any mattress size). However, our mattress is only one part of a complete sleep support system. The Big Fig Mattress must rest on some combination of a bed, foundation, boxspring and/or bed frame that can properly support this amount of weight.

Our matched Big Fig Foundation (included with your mattress purchase) and Big Fig Bed Frame will provide the proper support. If you choose to use another approach, you will need to make sure it will provide the necessary support for this amount of weight. Failure to do so could compromise the comfort and durability of your Big Fig mattress and could affect its warranty.

Questions? Get in touch with us and we can help you determine if your current foundation and/or frame will support our mattress.

How does a Big Fig Mattress feel?

In short, great! But feel (when it comes to soft vs. firm) is very subjective and can vary based upon the size, weight and sleeping position of an individual sleeper. Overall, the Big Fig has a medium firm feel to it with a bit plusher top layer. You will tend to sleep “on top” of our mattress more than “in” it. An initial softer feel as you lay down will then be supported by a firmer more supportive layer underneath.

We believe this provides the ideal combination of comfort and support that the vast majority of sleepers prefer. If you want an extremely soft mattress that you sink deeply into, or an exceptionally hard mattress that feels more like sleeping on the floor, the Big Fig is probably not the best mattress for you.

Visit our Reviews
 to read more.

Why is there only one mattress firmness option? 

We have found over our many years of mattress making that the vast majority of sleepers prefer the “medium” firm mattress feel. By focusing on this single firmness, we've been able to design, test and perfect a mattress that will deliver the ideal combination of long-lasting comfort, support, and durability for sleepers of all sizes and shapes.

Will the Big Fig sag like my other mattress did?

The short and simple answer is NO! We’ve specially engineered the Big Fig with a combination of high quality wrapped coil springs and high density foams to deliver an exceptionally comfortable sleep surface that will not sag, even with two plus-size sleepers (up to 1000 lbs. total weight). But don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding and we have the independent lab test results to prove it. After 20 years of simulated use with an oversized 350 lb. rolling weight, the Big Fig mattress outperformed any published industry test results with virtually no measurable (less than 0.2”) surface impression. View the complete test results here.

What does tufted mean?

One of the most effective ways to ensure the long term durability and integrity of a mattress is to hand tuft it. Tufting means that we individually insert durable string fasteners completely through the mattress in 16 (for Queen size) locations spread evenly across the mattress surface. The tufts secure the mattress layers in place and virtually eliminate shifting of materials that can lead to reduced comfort, lumpiness and/or sagging. Every Big Fig mattress is hand-tufted by skilled craftsmen in our factory. Additionally, as part of our tufting process, we pre-compress the entire mattress - further conditioning our spring system and foam layers to reduce the potential for body impressions. Due to the high cost of hand tufting, it is found on very few mattresses and is unheard of at the price level of the Big Fig.

How does the Big Fig Mattress compare to a foam mattress?

The construction of a Big Fig is quite different than an all-foam mattress. Our sleep support system is 1600 individually wrapped coil springs that actively respond to and push back when compressed. All-foam mattresses use a foam core for support that does not respond to the sleeper but simply absorbs their weight by compressing.

Heavier sleepers will tend to sleep "in" a foam mattress, as opposed to sleeping "on" it. Foam mattresses, particularly ones that utilize memory foam, will also tend to create cavities or depressions that the sleeper will sink into. This leads to discomfort and difficulty turning or rolling into a different position. Our spring support provides a more lively surface that will actually help your roll and turn find the perfect position for a great night's sleep. Our spring support in combination with high density foam comfort layers enables us to give you the best of both worlds: an extremely comfortable mattress with exceptional durability. We know of no all-foam mattress that can do this.

Mattress Materials, Dimensions & Weight

What is a Big Fig Mattress made of?

The Big Fig Mattress construction combines a wrapped coil innerspring system and high quality foam comfort layers. The innerspring is a high 1600 coil count, individually wrapped innerspring system that provides exceptional comfort and support. By absorbing and cushioning the force applied by sleepers of all sizes and weights, its unique innerspring construction delivers the resilience and durability that other mattresses, especially all foam construction, simply cannot match.

High density foams (1.8 pcf and higher) are used exclusively in all layers of the mattress to deliver a combination of comfort and long term durability. In order to keep the mattress surface cooler, we specially treat the mattress fabric with ThermoGel cooling gel, and we use a gel infused perforated latex layer just below the sleep surface to both help regulate temperature and improve cooling air flow.

View more details on how the Big Fig Mattress is built.

How many springs are in the Big Fig Mattress? 

The Big Fig mattress utilizes a high coil count individually wrapped spring system to deliver an exceptionally comfortable, supportive and durable sleep surface. Here is the spring basis in each of our standard mattress sizes:

Twin: 670 coils
Twin XL: 710 coils
Full: 1000 coils
Queen: 1200 coils
King: 1600 coils
Cal King: 1600 coils

What are the dimensions of the Big Fig Mattress? 

Twin: 38” wide x 75” long
Twin XL: 38” wide x 80” long
Full: 54” wide x 75” long
Queen: 60” wide x 80” long
King: 76” wide x 80” long
California King: 72” wide x 84” long

All sizes of the Big Fig mattress are approximately 13” high.
(Note: all dimensions are +/- ½ inch)

How much does the mattress weigh?

The Big Fig is a substantially constructed innerspring mattress designed to suit the needs of bigger figure sleepers and, therefore, it’s pretty heavy! It certainly weighs more than the bed-in-a-box mattresses you may have seen or purchased online, so think ahead to delivery day when you may need to enlist the help of a friend (or select our white glove delivery option) to move your new mattress to your bedroom.

California King: 140 lbs.
King: 140 lbs.
Queen: 120 lbs.
Full: 90 lbs.
Twin XL: 80 lbs. 
Twin: 80 lbs.

California King (total, 2 units): 120 lbs.
King (total, 2 units): 120 lbs.
Queen (total, 2 units): 90 lbs.
Full: 70 lbs.
Twin XL: 60 lbs.
Twin: 60 lbs.

Does the Big Fig contain any latex?

Yes. Our top upholstery layer, just below the quilted top of the mattress, is a ventilated layer of latex. Latex is an extremely comfortable, durable and resilient material. It literally pushes back as, at its core, it is made from a rubber derivative. In addition, we ventilate our latex with holes to allow air flow that helps keep your mattress surface cooler and avoid that "sleeping hot" feel that many mattresses (especially all-foam), suffer from. But as much as we love latex, it is just one element in a more complex sleep system. When combined with our coil spring support and high density polyurethane foams, we believe it adds just the right amount of comfort and air flow to the Big Fig sleep system.

Will the materials make me hot or sweaty during the night?

While no mattress can guarantee how hot or cool you may sleep, Big Fig utilizes a number of innovations to help keep your mattress surface cool. First, we specially treat the fabric on the surface of our mattress with an innovative material called ThermoGel. When it comes into contact with moisture (as you normally perspire while sleeping) it converts the moisture into a refrigerant, immediately cooling the sleep surface.

Second, we infuse natural Gel particles into the top latex layer of our mattress upholstery. The Gel provides temperature regulation properties to the latex, cooling it when subjected to elevated temperatures. And finally, we significantly increase cooling air flow through the mattress by adding aeration holes in the latex upholstery layer. These perforations allow air to flow freely through the foam, providing a cool and refreshing feel to your mattress throughout the night.

What materials are used in the cover?

Our cover features a temperature regulating technology called ThermoGel and contains a blend of polyester, viscose and lycra materials.

Mattress Pricing

How much does the Big Fig Mattress cost?

Check out our Shop page for pricing details and options. The Big Fig Mattress is sold as a sleep system, meaning it includes both the mattress and matching foundation with every order. We do offer the option to purchase the mattress only without the foundation for a price deduction of $100. 

Is sales tax charged from my state?

There is no sales tax on Big Fig orders, unless you live in the state of Ohio (where our business headquarters are located). 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Big Fig accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. We also offer financing through the Big Fig Financing program. Interested in paying with PayPal? Contact one of our representatives through our contact page or by starting a live chat.

Are there any discounts, promotions or coupon codes?

Yes. While our prices are competitive and affordable year round, we offer our fans chances to save and to win prizes (because, fun!). Join our mailing list here to be notified when a discount is available. 


We also offer a discount for both AARP members and active & retired military personnel. For more information, please get in touch with us and one of our sleep experts would be happy to help!

Setting Up Your Big Fig Mattress

Does the Big Fig come with a foundation?

Yes! To solve the issues that bigger figure sleepers face, we knew we had to design and develop a complete sleep system. The Big Fig Sleep System includes both a high quality, specially constructed mattress to suit the needs of a plus size sleeper and a heavy duty foundation engineered to support our mattress so it can perform to its full potential.

The prices you’ll see on the Shop page reflect the price of a mattress set, including the matching foundation. We highly recommend purchasing our mattress as a set or system, but we do offer the option to purchase the mattress only if you have an existing foundation or boxspring that you would like to use. 

Can I use an adjustable base?

Absolutely! The Big Fig uses flexible foam rails instead of a metal border wire, making it perfect for use with any adjustable bed base.

Do you sell bed frames? What type of bed frame should I use with the Big Fig Mattress?

Yes, we do! As an add-on to your order, you can purchase the heavy duty Big Fig Bed Frame for an additional $125. The Big Fig frame is made from railroad steel and rated to support over 2000 lbs, making it a great companion for your Big Fig mattress and foundation.

While our frame is the best choice to give your new mattress the proper support, the Big Fig is also compatible with almost any good quality standard bed frame. Just make sure that you have/choose a metal frame with a rigid center support and at least 5 legs. If you have any questions about choosing a bed frame, get in touch with us and one of our sleep experts would be happy to help!

What kind of sheets will fit my Big Fig Mattress?

Standard height sheets that accommodate at least 14” are available just about everywhere bed linens are sold.

The Foundation

Tell me more about the Big Fig Foundation.

The Big Fig Foundation is an exceptionally strong and durable foundation specifically designed to support the Big Fig Mattress. It is made with only the highest grades of spruce, pine and fir woods and utilizes far more wood than any foundation on the market. It can support up to 5 times the weight of a standard foundation or boxspring. We utilize two center supports (versus the industry standard 1), 18 2.5" wide cross slats (versus 8 1.5"slats) and 32 2x4 wood block supports around the perimeter of the foundation.

We know of no other foundation on the market that compares, and we know our foundation will provide the proper and necessary support for our mattress to ensure years of comfortable sleep.

What are the two foundation heights I can choose from?

When checking out, you can select a 9” or 5” foundation height. There is no difference in price. The standard height is 5”. The 9" is a higher profile option if you prefer a taller bed height.

How much weight is the Big Fig Foundation designed to support? 

Our foundation will fully support the weight of a Big Fig Mattress along with the specified weight of 1 or 2 sleepers (up to 1000 lbs. for 2 people or 500 lbs. for one person).

Will the Big Fig Foundation fit up my staircase?

We will automatically supply, at no increase in price to you, a 2-piece split foundation in queen size. Typically an upcharge of $100 or more, a split queen foundation will provide even greater support and durability and virtually eliminate the possibility that it will not fit through small spaces, doorways and tight staircases in your home. 

Note: All dimensions are +/- 0.5 inch

Can I use a box spring instead of a foundation? 

You can place your Big Fig Mattress on top of any surface, boxspring or other that you choose. But in order to maintain the comfort and integrity of your mattress, especially for bigger figure sleepers, it must be able to evenly and properly support the weight.

Unfortunately, we know of no boxspring on the market today that can make that claim. If you are able to find a boxspring or foundation that is guaranteed to support at least 1120 lbs. (the weight of a Big Fig Mattress and 2 sleepers weighing a total of 1000 lbs.), it could be a viable option to use under a Big Fig Mattress.

Foundation Materials, Dimensions & Weight

What are the dimensions of the foundation?

Twin: 38” x 75”
Twin XL: 38” x 80”
Full: 54” x 75”
Queen, split: 30” x 80” (2 units)
King, split: 38” x 80” (2 units)
California King, split: 36” x 84” (2 units)

Note: Foundations in queen size and larger come as split foundations (meaning in two pieces). There are two height options available, at no difference in price: a standard 9” height and a low profile 5” height.

Note: All dimensions are +/- 0.5 inch

Where is the foundation made?

All Big Fig Foundations (and mattresses) are made in our single factory facility located in Cleveland, OH.

How much does the Foundation weigh?

California King (total, 2 units): 120 lbs.
King (total, 2 units): 120 lbs.
Queen (total, 2 units): 90 lbs.
Full: 70 lbs.
Twin XL: 60 lbs.
Twin: 60 lbs.

How do I choose the right foundation height for me?

Before making your foundation selection, make sure to calculate the finished height of your bed and test out the measurement in your bedroom. The Big Fig mattress itself is 13” tall, which is taller than the typical innerspring mattress, so you’ll want to make sure that you can comfortably get in and out bed. If you or your partner is 5’ 3” and under, you may want to consider the low profile option. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for the total bed heights of the Big Fig mattress, foundation and frame:


With standard foundation: 13” mattress + 9” foundation + 7.5” frame = 29”


With low profile foundation: 13” mattress + 5” foundation + 7.5” frame = 25”

Foundation Pricing

What makes the Big Fig Foundation unique? 

We've designed it from the ground up to support our mattress and plus sized sleepers. It is simply built stronger and better than any foundation available. We utilize more wood, more and wider cross slats, greater center support, and exceptional block edge support. But the bottom line is it is engineered and built to last, and we back this up with test results and an unheard of 20 year warranty. Rest assured that it will provide the ideal support for your Big Fig Mattress for many years to come.

How much is the foundation?

It’s included with your mattress! We price our mattress as a sleep system, meaning the foundation is included in the prices you see on our Shop page. Because we’ve designed the Big Fig from the ground up to support bigger figures, we believe the best way to experience the mattress is to use our matching foundation. If you have an existing foundation, boxspring or bed that you plan to use with the mattress, we offer a price deduction of $100 if you would like to purchase the mattress only. 

Is sales tax charged from my state?

There is no sales tax on Big Fig orders, unless you live in the state of Ohio (where our business headquarters are located). 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Big Fig accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. We also offer financing through the Big Fig Financing program. Interested in paying with PayPal? Contact one of our representatives through our contact page or by starting a live chat.

Are there any discounts, promotions or coupon codes?

Yes. While our prices are competitive and affordable year round, we offer our fans chances to save and to win prizes (because, fun!). Join our mailing list here to be notified when a discount is available. 


We also offer a discount for both AARP members and active & retired military personnel. For more information, please get in touch with us and one of our sleep experts would be happy to help!

Setting Up Your Big Fig Foundation

What should I put the foundation on?

You can place your foundation on top of any frame, panel bed or floor surface that will properly support the weight of the mattress/foundation and the sleeper(s) on top. We highly recommend our Big Fig frame which is specially designed and suited to support our substantial Big Fig sleep system. If you choose to use an alternate frame or bed, you’ll want to make sure it is built to support at least 1210 lbs. (the weight of a Big Fig Sleep System and 2 sleepers weighing a total of 1000 lbs).

Can I use the foundation on the floor? 

Depending upon the floor, the answer is yes. If your floor is solid, flat and smooth and can support at least 1150 lbs. (in queen size), you can place your Big Fig Foundation and Mattress on it. 

Will the foundation fit up my stairwell? 

This depends on the size and layout of your stairwell. The best way to know for sure is take a few measurements – make sure there is enough clearance at the lowest points to accommodate the largest dimension of the foundation.

That being said, we thought ahead to save you from a potential delivery disappointment. Since most stairs and doorways easily accommodate a Twin, Twin XL, Full and King or Cal King split foundations, the problem commonly arises with a standard size Queen foundation. So…we cut it in half! With your purchase of a Big Fig Queen size set, we will automatically supply a split Queen foundation (two 30” x 80” units instead of one 60” x 80” unit) at no additional cost and a lot less stress on delivery day.

Note: All dimensions are +/- 0.5 inch

Do I need to assemble my Big Fig Foundation?

There’s no assembly required! Our foundation comes fully assembled and ready for sleeping right out of the box.

Delivery & Shipping Logistics

What are the shipping options?

We offer 3 shipping options with your Big Fig order:

1) Free To-Your-Door-Delivery: included with every Big Fig Mattress purchase, free of charge! Our delivery agents will deliver the mattress right inside the first available entrance to your home.
2) White Glove Delivery ($99): includes delivery, unboxing and set up of your mattress in the room of your choice. And don’t worry about the boxes and packing materials; our delivery agents will take care of that, too.
3) White Glove Delivery + Removal ($159): ready to say goodbye to your old mattress? This option includes our White Glove Delivery service plus the removal of your old mattress and/or foundation.

Do you have expedited shipping options?

The Big Fig is a substantially constructed mattress with substantial, high quality materials, making it different than the typical all-foam, vacuum-packed variety that you’re likely to find on other websites. We could never stuff a Big Fig into a UPS box, nor would we want to!

Every Big Fig is made to order at our factory, transported via our high-speed trucks, and delivered in its real size to your home. Unfortunately, this does make it difficult to expedite the delivery of our beds…but we promise, it’s worth the extra day or two for a mattress that you’ll be sleeping on for the next decade! Our delivery team will work with you to find the earliest available and most convenient time to receive your order.

Is the Big Fig made in the United States? 

Yes, all Big Fig products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Will the delivery team leave my mattress if I’m not home?

Not to worry, our delivery team will never leave your mattress unless someone is home to accept the delivery. Once your order is picked up at our factory and en route to your location, you’ll have the opportunity to select your delivery date and time window through our delivery company’s online scheduling system (note: in some locations, our delivery company may complete scheduling via phone call instead). An adult must be present when our delivery team arrives to accept and sign for your order. 

Where is the Big Fig shipped from?

Our mattresses are shipped from our factory located in Cleveland, OH.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship internationally at this time (we’re looking at you too, Canada!) Big Fig needs access to our customers to accept returns under our 120 night sleep trial and to service your mattress/foundation under our 20 year warranty, and international orders make this almost impossible with our current capabilities.

Will you remove my existing mattress?

Absolutely! As an add-on to our White Glove Delivery service, we offer a mattress removal option. Our delivery agents will set up your Big Fig and haul away your old mattress and/or foundation. Please note that any of our subcontracted delivery teams reserve the right to refuse to remove a mattress they deem to be in unsanitary condition, or located in an unsanitary room. The cost for our White Glove + Removal service is $159. 

I plan to remove my old mattress myself, can I dispose of my old mattress prior to my Big Fig Mattress delivery? 

We recommend waiting to remove your old mattress until your Big Fig Mattress delivery has been completed.

How much does shipping cost?

We are pleased to offer free delivery service with all Big Fig Mattress orders! Delivery right to your door is included with your purchase. If you’d like some extra help with delivery, we also offer a White Glove service for an additional $99. This includes complete set up of your mattress and foundation in the room of your choice, plus the removal of all packing materials. 

Who will deliver my mattress?

Your mattress will be delivered by our white glove delivery partner, YRC/Residential Direct, through their network of skilled and carefully selected local delivery professionals.

How long will it take for my Big Fig mattress to arrive?

Every Big Fig Mattress (and Foundation) is made to order, wrapped & boxed, and shipped to your local delivery area from our factory. Your Big Fig Mattress will be shipping from our factory within 2-5 days of ordering it. Depending on your location and scheduling, once your order is picked up at our factory, it will take about 14-21 days for your mattress to arrive to your local delivery area. Once it arrives in your local delivery area, our delivery team will contact you to schedule a specific date and time to deliver it to your door. You will need to sign for it once it arrives.

Return Process & 120 Night Trial

What is the return process? 

If you don’t absolutely love your new Big Fig Mattress, we’ll come pick it up and refund your purchase – it’s as simple as that! Give us a call at 888.344.6547 or email us at and one of our sleep experts will get in touch with you to start your return. There are no restocking fees, return delivery fees, or any extra charges whatsoever to process a return. We do ask that you try the mattress for at least 2 weeks before initiating your return. Note that all returns must be made within the 120 night trial period.

What is the 120-night trial?

Our 120 night trial is our way of letting you give the Big Fig a test drive in your own bedroom! We give you 120 nights to actually sleep on the mattress in your home to decide if it’s right for you. No risk, no pressure – if you don’t love the Big Fig, we’ll come pick it up for free and give you a full refund of your purchase. We do ask that you sleep on the mattress for at least 2 weeks before making a decision to give your body enough time to fully adjust to your new bed. Learn more about the 120 night trial.

What are the approximate shipping weights of the Big Fig mattress and foundation?

Twin: 80 lbs
Twin XL: 80 lbs
Full: 90 lbs
Queen: 120 lbs
King: 140 lbs
Cal King: 140 lbs

Twin: 60 lbs
Twin XL: 60 lbs
Full: 70 lbs
Queen (total, 2 units): 90 lbs
King (total, 2 units): 110 lbs
Cal King (total, 2 units): 110 lbs

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship internationally at this time (we’re looking at you too, Canada!) Big Fig needs access to our customers to accept returns under our 120 night sleep trial and to service your mattress/foundation under our 20 year warranty, and international orders make this almost impossible with our current capabilities. 

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Due to the high cost of shipping, we only ship to locations in the continental U.S. at this time.

Tests & Certifications

What tests have been done on the Big Fig Mattress?

We subjected a queen Big Fig mattress set (mattress and foundation) to a number of industry standard tests. View the complete test report for more information.

Rollator Test - The first test we utilized is a rollator test, where a heavy roller is cycled back and forth across the mattress surface to simulate anywhere from 10 to 20 years of use. Most mattresses are tested for 100,000 cycles (10 years simulated use) using a 240 lb. roller. We tested Big Fig for 200,000 cycles (20 years simulated use) with a 350 lb. roller.

This test is used to measure two important elements of mattress performance. The first is a change in mattress height. One of the worst problems in the mattress industry, especially for heavier people, is the loss of surface height (sagging, flattening, etc.) of the sleep surface. The second element is firmness. Over time, especially with heavier sleepers, mattresses start to feel softer and less supportive as the foam cushioning layers degrade.

In terms of mattress surface height, a loss of height of up to 1” over 100,000 cycles with a 240 lb. roller is within generally accepted industry standards. At 200,000 cycles with a 350 lb. roller, the Big Fig mattress lost only .158”. 

Regarding firmness, a loss of firmness of up to 25% over 100,000 cycles is within generally accepted industry standards. The Big Fig mattress lost only 4.89% of its firmness over 200,000 cycles.

Cornell Test - This test uses a split ball form that cycles up and down to simulate someone sitting directly on the mattress. As with the rollator test, the goal is to measure changes in surface height and firmness over the 100,000 cycles (simulated 10 years) of the test.

In terms of height, a loss of height of up to 1.75” for an innerspring mattress is within generally accepted industry standards. Big Fig lost .3” in height in this test.

For firmness, softening of up to 15% is within acceptable industry standards. Big Fig lost 3.45% of its firmness during the test.

Impact Test - Finally, we subjected the mattress to an impact test to see how it holds up structurally when a heavy weight is dropped on it from increasingly higher drop points over the mattress. A 175 lb. weight is used, it is dropped from 2” up to 10” (in 2” increments) and this test is repeated in five different areas of the mattress (center, shoulder/calf, edge, end and corner).

This is an observational test and any visual damage and/or deformation is noted. At all heights and in all areas, Big Fig had “no notable observations or damage”.

Does the Big Fig have environmental certifications?

Yes, all of our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and prohibited phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. CertiPUR-US® is an independent third party organization that tests and certifies foam in consumer products. For more information, check out the CertiPUR-US® website.

What type of fire barrier is in a Big Fig?

Like all mattresses sold in the U.S., the Big Fig meets the federal standards for open flame flammability. The barrier we use is a layer of natural fibers, including linseed, cotton and flax, stitched underneath the top quilted layer of the mattress. We never use any spray-on treatments or potentially harmful chemicals as a fire barrier on our mattress.

Quality Care Instructions

Do I need to flip the mattress?

The Big Fig Mattress is a one sided mattress built with all the comfort layers on top, so you’ll never need to flip it. It is important, however, to "rotate" your Big Fig Mattress on a regular basis, every month during the first six months and every 3-4 months after the first six months. The more frequent, the better! Simply exchange the head and foot of your mattress to help distribute the upholstery materials and comfort impressions and fully utilize your mattress. Comfort impressions will occur naturally and are not structural defects.

How do I protect my mattress?

While not required, it is recommended that you cover your mattress with a fitted mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and fresh. There are a variety of mattress protectors available in stores and online – we recommend one that is moisture resistant, breathable and machine washable. Features range from very simple to liquid resistant to waterproof. Select the level of protection based on your situation. For example, if you’re concerned about spills or accidents with pets and small children, a protector with greater liquid resistance would be a better selection.

How do I clean my mattress?

Like any substantial innerspring upholstered mattress, the Big Fig Mattress is not built to be immersed in water. Using an appropriate mattress protector (see above) is your best approach to keeping your mattress clean and stain free. If you should have an area on the surface that needs attention, use a spray upholstery cleaner and soft cloth such as you might use on an item of furniture. It is recommended that you spot test such products as some might leave a yellowish stain on the surface ticking. You can also vacuum your mattress surface with a soft brush or plastic attachment.  

How long does a Big Fig mattress last? 

The Big Fig Mattress is built to last and support your plus size weight for many years, more years than a traditionally built mattress would last. General industry recommendations are to replace your mattress every eight to ten years. The Big Fig Mattress can be expected to exceed this recommendation but this could depend on how the mattress feels to you and how it may have been used.  For example, if you have children that frequently use your bed as a trampoline (NOT recommended!), this could impair the longevity and feel of your mattress. The Big Fig comes with a 20 year warranty applicable to specific warrantable issues.

Can I use a heating pad with the Big Fig Mattress?


The Warranty

Tell me more about the 20-Year Warranty.

After the first 120 nights, your Big Fig mattress is protected by our industry-leading, 20 year warranty. Our warranty is non-prorated for the full 20 years, which means you’ll never have to pay the costs for repairs or replacements. Check out the full terms of our warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects in your Big Fig mattress or foundation that may occur during the 20 year warranty period. This includes an industry-leading body impression protection that covers impressions of 1” or greater. Review the full terms of our warranty.

How do I make use of the warranty if I think my Big Fig Mattress might be defective?  

Get in touch with us via email or phone and one of our sleep experts would be happy to walk you through the warranty claim process. To start, we’ll send you the Big Fig warranty kit with detailed instructions on the info we’ll need to assess the problem. Basically we’ll ask you to snap a few pictures, take a few measurements and from there we’ll determine what repairs or replacements need to be made.

What’s the catch?  

Really – no catch. We couldn’t make this stuff up. Buy the Big Fig Now.

The Brand & Mission

Why are you called Big Fig?

As the first Mattress built for a bigger figure, “Big Fig” is not only an abbreviation of Bigger Figure, but also a representation of our core values. The Fig itself is a beautiful fruit, admired around the world and recognized as a symbol of “peace and plenty”. We could not ignore how well this tied into the Body Positive movement – a vision in which “people are liberated from self-hatred, value their beauty and identity, and use their energy and intellect to make positive changes in their own lives.” One of the first steps to living a positive lifestyle is through a restful night's sleep, and Big Fig helps make that possible.


Who is eligible for Financing?


1) U.S. residents, excluding residents of Iowa, Idaho, and West Virginia

2) U.S. residents over the age of 18 (19 for Alabama or Nebraska residents), provided we can verify your identity.

3) Please note that if you apply to see if you’re pre-qualified and are denied, you won’t be eligible to apply with the same merchant again for the next 90 days


1) U.S. residents, excluding residents of Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

2) U.S. residents over the age of 18 for all eligible states

I’ve been approved. What’s next?

That’s great news! If you would like to pay for your order over time, simply select “Financing” as the payment method in your checkout process.

When would my first payment be due?


Your first payment is due 30 days after your order is “settled.” Usually this is about when you place your order. Our partner, Bread, will email you and text you a link to its simple, easy payment portal.


The first payment for Zibby is due at checkout. Then recurring payments are auto-withdrawn from the account used at checkout.

Will applying for financing affect my credit score?


Pre-qualifying for a loan will not impact your credit score whatsoever. If you checkout with a loan, this will trigger a hard pull to your credit and will impact your score like any loan.


Zibby will approve you for up to $3500 without looking at your FICO score.

I was approved for a loan, but my loan amount won’t cover my full order size. What do I do?


No problem! You will be triggered to input your credit card information in the checkout process – this will allow you to cover the remaining amount of your order with a CC, and the rest can be applied to your loan so you can pay over time.


Unfortunately, Zibby cannot be used as a down payment online at this time.

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