Care Instructions

DO turn your mattress regularly. The resilient materials used in your mattress are designed to conform to your body’s individual contours. This is not a manufacturing defect. Turning your mattress will help equalize these impressions which form naturally on the mattress surface over time.

DO carry your mattress flat on its side - it's easier to handle and less likely to cause damage.

DO keep your bedding clean. Soiling on your mattress will invalidate your warranty. The use of a mattress pad is recommended.

DO replace the box spring when purchasing a new mattress because old box springs lose their strength and support. What appears to be a sag in your new mattress may well be a result of a faulty or weakened box spring. A box spring that does not provide proper support to your new mattress may invalidate your mattress warranty.

DO use a metal bed frame. For queen and king sized bedding, the use of a rigid center support is required.

DON'T allow anyone to stand or jump on your mattress. It was not built to withstand that type of weight concentration.

DON'T allow your mattress to get wet. Protect it from water, dry cleaning fluid, or other liquids.

DON'T smoke in bed or place product near open flame. This mattress is manufactured, as required by law, to resist ignition from lighted cigarettes and open flame.