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What is a Cooling Mattress?

June 05, 2018

A cooling mattress utilizes various technologies to decrease the temperature of the sleeper, and that can help prevent night sweats or waking up due to excessive heat. If getting hot or sweaty at night is disrupting your sleep patterns by waking you up, then you might be worse off than someone who sleeps a shorter period, uninterrupted, according to Time Magazine.

As a cooling mattress, the Big Fig Mattress includes several features that help reduce the problem sleeping hot. Keep reading, we'll discuss those features a little further down!

Is A Cooling Mattress The Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers?

The scientific need for many individuals to look into buying a cooling mattress is pretty straightforward. During REM sleep, your brain actually stops regulating your body's temperature. Thus, your bedroom's temperature, your mattress, and even the clothes you wear to sleep, all play a significant role in the temperature of your body while you are asleep.

For hot sleepers, it is an unpleasant experience waking up in the morning, covered in sweat. Some hot sleepers even claim to have this experience in the colder winter months, but most complain about the rising temperatures in summer months. You can have a perfectly temperature controlled room, but still, wake up and immediately need to shower!

As mentioned, room temperature, your clothing, and your bedding all play essential roles in your body temperature while you're sleeping. If you’ve already tried to address room temperature and clothing, then it is best to look towards your mattress and bed configuration. Upgrading your mattress set to include a cooling mattress can play a significant role in improving your sleep quality and resolving your sleeping hot problems.

What Makes A Mattress With Cooling Work?

At Big Fig Mattress, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to tackle the problem of sleeping hot or having night sweats. That's why we looked at all of the potential solutions and combined the best two solutions to create the proper cooling mattress that is the Big Fig Mattress. There are plenty of technologies that are designed to reduce hot sleeping. However, when it comes to keeping sleepers cool, these materials are not all equal. The Big Fig Mattress uses what we've found to be the top performing elements of a cooling mattress.


In the above diagram, you'll find the three elements that we've included to make the Big Fig the best mattress for hot sleepers. They are labeled as 1, 2, and 4:

     1. ThermoGel Cooling technology on the plush quilted mattress top.

     2. Perforated & Breathable cooling foam, with heat absorbent gel

     4. Individually wrapped coil springs that create “space” for air to move and circulate within the mattress

ThermoGel Cooling Technology

This may be "our secret weapon" in the war on sweating while sleeping. Our plush and quilted mattress top is treated with ThermoGel cooling technology that actively cools your body temperature. Similar to sweat-wicking athletic clothing, the ThermoGel activates when moisture is present, working to bring down the temperature rapidly. In tests, ThermoGel has been shown to bring skin temperatures from 85 degrees to under 76 degrees in just over one minute.



The ThermoGel compound is tested and the above slide illustrates how this technology works. If you've ever tried Icebreakers chewing gum, the cold feeling that they give you is similar to the technology used to cool your body when sleeping on the Big Fig Mattress.

Gel Infused, Perforated Latex Foam

Just below the ThermoGel cooling mattress top is a layer of perforated, gel-infused latex foam. This breathable layer gives increased airflow via perforated design. This first layer of foam helps to continue to dissipate unwanted heat that your body generates while sleeping, thereby reducing instances of hot sleeping.

Individual Coil Springs

Airflow is an essential element of staying cool while sleeping and is a primary reason why we designed a hybrid mattress as opposed to a "mattress-in-a-box" design. The Big Fig Mattress boasts up to 1600 individually wrapped coils, that's 50% more than the average premium individual coil mattress on the market. These coils are a significant component in the support the Big Fig Mattress offers, but also contribute to airflow within the mattress. Interestingly, even with the increased number of coils and individual wrapping, there isn't a significant diminishing of air flow benefits the coils of the mattress provide. The wrap added to each coil is breathable, allowing airflow between and through the coils. Ultimately, this means the body heat you generate while sleeping is more easily diffused through the mattress.


Surprisingly, the firmness of a mattress can help determine, even without looking at the materials inside, how "hot" the bed will sleep. If a mattress is too soft, of has a pillow top, your body will be fully “cradled” and sink into the mattress. We sometimes refer to this as “sleeping IN” a mattress. A more firm mattress, where you can “sleep ON” the mattress, gives more ventilation and airflow between your body and the mattress itself.

Final Thoughts

Waking up in a pool of sweat is no fun. Hopefully, you've learned exactly why the Big Fig Mattress is the best mattress with cooling technology integrated into it. Order today, and take advantage of our 101 night in-home sleep trial. We offer a nearly-unprecedented 20 year warranty, so you can sleep cooler with the peace of mind from making a good investment in your sleep that will last two decades!

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