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Jessica Kelley : Why Should You Buy a Big Fig? Tacos, That’s Why.

November 19, 2018 by: Jessica Kelley
Why Should You Buy a Big Fig? Tacos, That’s Why.

I first saw Big Fig advertised on Instagram about a year ago and I remember being very intrigued by the idea that there was a mattress out there that was not built just to ‘handle’ fat bodies but built for them. However, my enthusiasm was met with a fair bit of skepticism as mattresses just aren’t made to last, y’know? Especially not if you’re fat. Being fat comes with two constants—chub rub and having to replace your sagging mattress once every couple of years.

So when Big Fig reached out to me and asked if I would like to test out one of their beds, I hadn’t even finished reading the email before I was 100% on board.

The Delivery

I chose a queen sized mattress, a 5” foundation, the frame, and the oh-so-fancy white glove delivery service because I wanted the full Big Fig experience and see everything they had to offer! The shipping process was surprisingly very speedy as they make their mattresses to order and I live…fairly out of the way (that’s code for the middle of nowhere) and I believe it arrived one day shy of two weeks after I made my order. Much to my dismay, the men who delivered it were *not* actually fancy butlers in white gloves but they were very friendly and efficient, having everything set up in under a half an hour and all stopping to pet our pup on their way out.


First Impressions

I will be honest, I was very nervous after laying on it for the first time as it is VERY firm and I’ve always purchased the fluffiest pillow top mattress I could find. But after sleeping on my Big Fig for almost 3 months, I’ve come to realize that it’s like a strong hug after a long day—firm at first, but oh-so comforting and supportive.

To give you some background into my sleeping habits, I’m a very wiggly sleeper who has to flip around a minimum of 97 times before I can finally fall asleep, something that has always been a struggle to do on a squishy mattress. But the thing about the Big Fig is that when you roll over, you do sink for a second but then you just…bounce right back up! It’s comfortable enough for someone who likes to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud but also firm enough so you don’t feel like you’re sinking in quicksand. I also don’t disturb my husband while I’m doing my nightly acrobatics anymore which is an added bonus!

I’ve also always suffered from pretty serious neck pain, waking up randomly one morning every month or so with golf ball sized knots in my neck and shoulders, something that I actually haven’t experienced in 3 months now. Maybe it’s a miracle, maybe it’s the mattress, but I’m willing to bet it’s the mattress.

Final Review

Tonight will be my 89th sleep on my Big Fig and I can honestly say, for the first time ever, that I love my bed. For so many years, my mattress and box spring were a constant source of headache but now sagging edges, noisy springs, and cracked boards are things of the past. Not only that, but I won’t have to purchase another mattress for 20 years, thanks to Big Fig’s 20 year guarantee! Think about that for a second. I won’t have to worry about buying another mattress until I’m 44 years old! How amazing is that?

So you could keep spending thousands of dollars on a new bed every couple of years, having a terrible sleep for at least 6 months before you finally cave and head to the mattress store—or you could use my code, ‘REALMRSKELLEY’ save money on your Big Fig now, sleep like a baby until you’re middle aged and spend your money on more important things. Like tacos! The choice is up to you.

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Jessica Kelley

Jessica Kelley

Jessica Kelley is a 24 year old wife, dog mom, and plus size activist. She enjoys long Netflix binges on the couch, hoarding plants, buying way too much makeup, and oh my god why does this feel like I’m writing a dating profile?