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Jonna Capone : Getting Jiggy with the Figgy

The Best Sleep Your Curves Deserve

January 21, 2019 by: Jonna Capone
Getting Jiggy with the Figgy

I first learned about Big fig Mattresses from a flyer in my mailbox! I had received a flyer in the mail after attending several plus-size events such as The Curvy Con! I was excited to see one of my favorites Daniel Franzese, best known from the movie Mean Girls, on the cover. I was instantly curious and impressed as I have had my fair share of troubles with finding a mattress that supported my curvaceous body. However, after reading more about Big Fig I realized that they are so much more than just a mattress, they are a movement. Using high density foams and tufting and supporting individuals up to 500 lbs, I can truly say this mattress has changed my sleeping standards forever.


Signed, Sealed & Delivered: The Fig Is Yours 

I was so excited about receiving my new Big Fig Mattress I recorded the whole experience. Just a little backstory, I chose a full-size mattress to fit the size of my room with a matching standard 5” foundation. It fit perfectly! I have to say that the delivery was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for! I was very ready to receive it and the mattress delivery and pickup was a breeze. Big Fig’s delivery options truly make for a memorable experience before you even sleep on the mattress. I also found the shipping process to be easy and for living on the fifth floor of a New York apartment I was thoroughgoingly impressed with how they managed to get it in my apartment. The delivery process made it fast and easy to hop right into my new bed!


Sleeping Has Never Been Easier

My first thoughts after diving into my Big Fig was “Wow, this is firm." I have never slept on a firm mattress before like this but having slept on it now for several months I can honestly say I have NEVER been this happy with my mattress before. A few years ago, I was in an unfortunate bus accident that left me with some serious lower back pain. I always woke up with an achy lower back but since sleeping on my Big Fig Mattress I haven’t had this back pain in the mornings. It’s been a true blessing waking up without any pain! As a pretty solid sleeper, I have found it to be a happy addition to my sleep cycle. My boyfriend, who is also a full-figured person, is a very wiggly sleeper and he is quite jealous of my Big Fig Mattress. We both sleep very soundly on it and even when he wiggles around, he doesn’t disturb me.  He can’t wait to get a Big Fig of his own! I always look forward to coming home at the end of the day and not sinking into my bed but being embraced by the comfort of my Big Fig.


My Curves Have the Final Say

After so many years of struggling with sagging edges, uncomfortable noisy springs and breakable boards, I can finally say that my curves are in love with my mattress. Big Fig is bringing light and support to those in the full-figured community by recognizing that we deserve comfort just as much as anyone else. Investing in a good night’s sleep means you are investing in yourself and no matter your size you are worth investing in and Big Fig recognizes that! I am so proud to share my experience with my Big Fig Mattress and I’ll continue to share it for the next 20 years with Big Fig’s 20-year warranty guarantee. A New Year can mean not just a “New You” but a New Mattress. You deserve a good night’s sleep so go on ahead and get Jiggy with a Figgy!

From Mobster Size Curves,

Curvy Capone

Jonna Capone

Jonna Capone

Jonna E. Capone, also known as Curvy Capone is a passionate curve model, body positive activist, public speaker, actress, singer and blogger. Jonna has been blessed to model with major brands such as FashionNova, Dia & Co.,Loft & Rebel Wilson XAngels. She is the creator of F.A.T (For All Theatre) a body positive theatre troupe performing her show The Curves of a Journey: A Body Positive Cabaret. Her work is published in The American Theatre Magazine and of course her own blog Curvy Capone: My Curvy World. Jonna is represented by State MGMT and CESD Talent. For More follow Jonna on Instagram: @Curvy_Capone!