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Big Fig Mattress Review

December 20, 2018 by: Shay Neary
Something Big on a Fig!

Beds... We’ve all got em. Sleep...We all do it. Well some of us do... as long as you don’t feel like your size, your bed is going to compromise your entire sleeping experience, on a regular basis. Mine has been a thorn in my side, for the last couple of years, after putting on more weight from starting hormonal therapy. I’ve been through at least three mattress frames in the the last calendar year. Three! Who says that in this day and age!

The frame has broken several times, from me shifting/jostling around, in my sleep, or doing what love birds do, or even just sitting on the bed too quickly. But let me tell you something... I’ve never been more impressed with a bed this much in my entire life. As a larger framed individual, I feel blessed that we live in a time and place, where companies are finally coming along to understand that people aren’t the same size they were 100 years ago.

I’ve had my countless mattress issues over the years, from sinking centers, collapsing edges, pillow tops flattened in months. This isn’t a yearly issue for smaller individuals, it’s an every 10 years type of issue, and you buy yourself a new bed. The struggle to find a bed that is comfortable, yet stable enough to counterbalance the weight I hold, can really take a toll on my rest. Sleep is important to everyone, no matter your size, and not getting great rest because of fixable issues are troublesome.

But Big Fig Mattress has changed the game on troublesome bed issues. With 1,600 pocketed coil springs to better support the neck & back, three layers of high density foam, thermo-gel cooling technology, and a foundation to hold up to 5 times the weight of a typical foundation. I was blown away by how well this bed is made, its craftsmanship being undeniable, and it continues to impress me 90 days into owning it. I’ve included a coupon code for you to save you money on your own BigFig Mattress, with code WATCHSHAYSLAY - and let me tell you, this bed is absolutely worth every single cent.

Since we’re on the topic of cents, let me tell you my two cents, and why you should be buying this mattress if you’re a larger framed individual. The frame...when my bed was delivered, they unpacked the frame and started putting it down, to only be stopped by me mid-assembly. To be honest, I was taken back by the shear density of it. It’s a thick heavy duty frame, that is made with virtually indestructible, recycled railroad steel, that is conservatively rated to support up to 2,000 lbs. That sounds like heaven to me... “Support up to 2,000 lbs” - I say that because my most common bed issues, have always been the frame collapsing or snapping. No matter the material, I can’t keep them long. To have something, I know I can throw my weight around on, can really get a girl going.

Going to bed, I mean, you dirty mind you. This big beautiful bed. This bed, that I want to crawl into the minute I’m home from my work day. That I don’t want to get out of in the morning. That my dog thinks is hers now. This bed, that has been, the most wonderful part of the last 90 days for me. I’ve been sick for a bit now, and have spent several days in it, and it made being sick even semi-pleasurable. Even the edges don’t has the firmest foam around the edges to keep me feeling secure in bed, even close to the edge. My dog is the queen of taking up too much space, and with the edges more stable, it makes my bed feel way more spacious.

I’ll leave you on this note, If you want a bed, that will bring you nothing but happiness, buy in. And use my code, WATCHSHAYSLAY, to save some coin and buy yourself some new throw pillows and a candle to go with your new investment. Because that’s what Big Fig is, it’s an investment in your happiness quota, and self care is soooo in right now. Even though I’ve only had my bed for 90 days, I know my quota will be filled for years to come. Buy Big Fig!

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