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How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

February 11, 2021
How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

Does it look like your mattress is sagging in the middle? Or maybe you can just feel it sinking when you lie down? Either way, getting the situation remedied is key to a good night's sleep, which is an important component for overall good health. That's why it's important to learn how to fix a sagging mattress so you can get the zzz's your body needs to be healthy and happy.

We’ll reveal a secret to you right up front: there really is no surefire cure for a sinking mattress. But if a new, more structurally sound mattress isn’t in your budget quite yet, there are a number of tricks you can try to fix this common issue.

What causes a mattress to sag?

First, let's talk about what causes mattress sagging. Sagging occurs due to normal usage in foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses. When you sleep, your body adds pressure and weight to your mattress. Over the years, this pressure causes the materials that comprise your mattress to soften and lose tension. Softening can lead to mattress sagging and depressions in the areas where you sleep and ultimately reduced or uneven support.

Now, let's discuss what sagging is not. Sagging is not body impressions. You may notice body impressions soon after sleeping on a new mattress. As the mattress conforms to the natural contours of your body, you may notice a dip or indentation in the spot you typically lie while sleeping. This isn't sagging, but for many sleepers, body impressions are also not ideal, and can lead to discomfort in the sleep surface.

Both are irritating, but for the purpose of today’s guide we’ll focus only on actual mattress sagging, not body impressions.

How to fix a sagging mattress

Revisiting that news we broke to you at the beginning of this blog: There's really not a permanent fix for mattress sagging. The problem results from normal wear and tear, and once the mattress materials are compromised, they can't be restored to their former structure and firmness.

However, there are some things you can do to slow down the progression of a sagging mattress. Here are some tips that can buy some time before you can replace your mattress entirely.

1. Rotate your mattress regularly

It's a simple solution that can lengthen the life of your mattress: Just rotate it periodically to stave off premature sagging. That means every three months, you should turn the mattress so the head is at the foot of the bed.

Even if your mattress is already sagging, rotating it will help. Since sagging occurs where your body puts the most pressure on the mattress (usually the hips and shoulders) rotating the mattress regularly keeps the pressure from affecting the same area.

2. Use a mattress topper

If your mattress is already showing signs of sagging, a mattress topper improves comfort. Mattress toppers are usually made of several inches of foam, latex, down or another material. The denser the material, the more comfort it will provide.

The topper will temporarily even out a mattress that's sagging in the middle. Keep in mind, this is not a long-term solution and a sagging mattress will still need to be replaced. A mattress topper is a pricey short-term solution at best.

3. Replace the foundation

Your bed's foundation can cause mattress sinking. Be sure that the foundation has at least six legs with adequate support in the center of the mattress. Foundations without an adequate number of slats can also be problematic since the mattress can slip between the slats. Additionally, foundations, especially cheaper foundations, will wear out over time and lead to mattress sag.

To ensure you've got the right foundation, check with your mattress's manufacturer. Most have guidelines for the type of foundation required to support the mattress’s weight.

4. Examine your mattress warranty

If you feel like your mattress is sinking prematurely, consult the warranty. While mattress sag is usually the result of daily usage, it's possible the manufacturer may repair or replace a mattress if it's deemed to be defective.

5. Invest in a mattress that won't sag

If you’re someone who has been plagued by an endless sagging mattress, this solution may sound impossible, but we promise it's not. Some mattresses, like the Big Fig, are specifically engineered to prevent sagging in the middle. Buying a mattress that's specially built not to sag avoids the problem entirely. And since you can't really fix a sagging mattress, we think this is the best solution that guarantees you’ll sleep big and live bigger!

The best mattress that won’t sag

The Big Fig includes specially engineered features that prevent sagging, making it the mattress of choice for sleepers with bigger figures. Here's what makes the Big Fig different.

  • The Big Fig is made with three inches of high density foam with a minimum density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. That's 50 percent denser than the foam in a traditional innerspring mattress.
  • The Big Fig includes a 1,600-count coil system. These individually wrapped coils push back against your body weight, providing support and preventing sagging.
  • The Big Fig offers hybrid construction including pocket springs that support individual layers of high-density foam. This helps the mattress retain its shape and strength over time.

Equipped with these features, The Big Fig will support two plus-sized sleepers (1,100 lbs. total weight) without sagging. Don’t believe us? Consider the Rollator Test.

Most mattresses on the market today are tested for a 10-year warranty horizon using a 240-pound roller. Using these testing parameters, up to an inch of surface height loss is considered acceptable. But we still took it a step further. An independent lab tested The Big Fig by simulating 20 years of use with a 350-pound rolling weight. The Big Fig saw no measurable surface impression, sinking only 0.158”! There's simply no better way to prove The Big Fig won't sag.

Try the Big Fig risk-free for 120 nights

So what's the ultimate answer to "how to fix a sagging mattress?" Get a better one that offers the support and comfort you expect. The Big Fig is the perfect choice for plus-sized sleepers who want a quality mattress designed especially for their needs.

Try your Big Fig risk-free for 120 nights. If you decide it isn’t for you at any time within that trial period we’ll come pick it up for free and provide a full refund. It’s time to toss your old, sagging mattress and test drive a better night’s sleep!

In the market for a mattress that won’t sag? Here’s everything you need to know about The Big Fig, the first mattress designed from the ground up to meet the needs of plus sized sleepers.