Will the materials make the mattress too hot or make me sweat at night?

While no mattress can guarantee how hot or cool you may sleep, Big Fig utilizes a number of innovations to help keep your mattress surface cool. First, we specially treat the fabric on the surface of our mattress with an innovative material called ThermoGel. When it comes into contact with moisture (as you normally perspire while sleeping) it converts the moisture into a refrigerant, immediately cooling the sleep surface.

Second, we infuse natural Gel particles into the top latex layer of our mattress upholstery. The Gel provides temperature regulation properties to the latex, cooling it when subjected to elevated temperatures.

And finally, we significantly increase cooling air flow through the mattress by adding aeration holes in the latex upholstery layer. These perforations allow air to flow freely through the foam, providing a cool and refreshing feel to your mattress throughout the night.

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