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What We're All About

The Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress built specifically to meet the needs of sleepers with a bigger figure.

What does “bigger figure” mean, exactly? Bigger than what?

Bigger than the body types typically portrayed in other mattress companies’ photos?

Bigger than the body weight that most mattresses can comfortably support for 20 years?
You bet.

The Big Fig Mattress is built specifically to support continued application of body weight of up to 500lbs, or a couple with a distributed weight of 500-1000 lbs. That would be a pretty lengthy brand name. So we shortened it, and added a memorable dose of fun with the abbreviation “Big Fig”, a colorful fruity logo and even some yummy Fig Jam for our customers – because who doesn’t like an extra gesture of sweetness delivered to their doorstep?

At Big Fig, our mission aligns with the Body Positivity movement, a vision based on self-love, body acceptance and positive life choices. We believe that the industry needs less mattress lines that claim to “work for everyone”, and more mattress lines that can truly support all body figures over a period of 20 years. Every person is entitled to a comfortable long-lasting mattress designed to support him or her, and every person is entitled to the truth about the mattress they invest in.

Our messaging includes the words “plus size”, “big & tall”, and “heavy”, simply as identifiers that are currently used by consumer product lines to connect with bigger figured shoppers. We want to reach people that are most likely to benefit from the Big Fig, and help them achieve a better night’s sleep. We don’t want to alienate consumers; we just want to meld with the ones that want our product.

Plus size influencers agree with our mission, and believe in our product. We look forward to gaining your support, too. Stay positive, value your identity, Fig’Git about negativity, and always… always, get a good night’s rest.

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Save $200 w/ code: SUPERDAD. Ends 6/20!

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