How do I assemble the metal bed frame?

Parts Included:

2 Side Rails (2 Legs Attached to Each)

6 Leg Inserts (4 on Twin)

2 Cross Rails (1 Leg Attached to Each)

6 Casters or Metal Glides (4 on Twin)

2 Center Rails (No Center Rails on Twin)

2 'L'-Shaped End Caps

Step 1: Lay the two long side rails on the floor with the headboard bracket of each rail pointing toward the head of the bed. With the leg in the middle of the cross rail positioned toward the inside of the frame, insert the end of the cross rail into the slot in the top of the leg attached to the right side rail. With one hand, hold the side rail so the attached leg is vertical. With the other hand, push straight down on the cross rail until it engages the plastic locking cap. Repeat with the other crossrail.

Step 2: Place an insert in each of the legs, followed by the casters or glides. Slide an 'L'-shaped end cap over the ends of the side rails.

Step 3: After the bed frame has been attached to the headboard, insert the end of the two center rails into the slots in the legs attached to the cross rails, and push straight down.

To Disassemble: Lift out the center rails. Pull outward and up on the bottom of the plastic locking cap, and lift out the crossrail.

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