How can I opt out of advertising?


In our mission to help people sleep better, we do a lot of advertising to raise awareness. While we hope people like seeing all of our ads, we entirely respect your request to opt out of receiving these ads.


Our advertising campaigns use a variety of networks, publishers and tools. Opting out will not result in an immediate stop of all advertising. Please allow 14-28 days before all advertising networks “recognize” that you’ve opted out. Additionally, please understand that the way an “opt out” works is not universal. Some advertising is anonymous, and some advertising is based on websites you’ve visited, phrases you’ve searched in a search engine or your geographic location. As a result, the speed and impact of opting out may vary. In other words, some advertising may continue after others have stopped. Each banner ad you come across should have an “Ad Choices” icon or link beneath it that you can click in order to opt out. If you see any of our ad banners, just opt out each time.


We recommend you take the following steps, as well:


  1. Clear your browser cookies & cache
  2. Opt out from two large groupings of advertising networks:
  3. Opt out from Google’s ad networks:

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