Comparable Mattress

We created the Big Fig to serve a need that is not met by another mattress in the market. As a result, it is difficult to compare the Big Fig Mattress to most other mattresses.

After surveying the entire mattress market to find a mattress that is comparable to the Big Fig, we found one that comes pretty close in terms of design, durability and materials: the Goliath Mattress Company. While the Goliath Mattress Company does have many similar attributes to the Big Fig, we learned that it still falls short in terms of value. The Goliath Mattress Company (based on available information) has a shorter warranty, no tufting, no shared details on material specs, and is not tested with published results like the Big Fig.

Comparable Mattress Chart

As you can see, the Big Fig is nearly half the cost for even better, more transparent quality than the Goliath Mattress Company. You shouldn’t have to pay more for long-lasting support.

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