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The Foolproof Mattress Checklist

March 30, 2017

Don’t be fooled by other mattress companies. Durability and 20+ years of long-lasting quality can’t be scrunched up inside a small box that can be dropped on your doorstep.  Here’s a Checklist to help you detect mattress deception. 

The Mattress Deception Checklist:

If you check one or more of the boxes below, the mattress should give you cause for pause.

  • Comes Compressed In A Box

  • Doesn’t Have Published, 3rd Party Test Results

    While some mattress companies state the variety of tests they subjected their mattress to, The Big Fig Mattress is the only mattress company that releases real test results to the public. If you want to see for yourself, try Googling “Mattress Test Results”, or try to find them on the mattress brand website. If they aren’t sharing the results, what is the company trying to hide from you?

  • Doesn’t Have Real Tufts

    One of the most effective ways to ensure the long-term durability and integrity of a mattress is to hand-tuft it. Tufting means that durable string fasteners are inserted completely through the mattress and spread evenly across the mattress surface. The tufts secure the mattress layers in place and virtually eliminate shifting of materials that can lead to reduced comfort, lumpiness and sagging. Every Big Fig mattress is hand-tufted by skilled craftsmen in our factory. Due to the high cost of hand tufting, it is found on very few mattresses and is unheard of at the price level of the Big Fig.

  • Has Limited Replacement Terms      

    When looking through a warranty, be sure to search for these two terms:

    1. Warranty Period
    2. Replacement Terms

    The warranty period is the length of time within which the retailer will fix or replace your product if it is damaged. Most mattress warranties are 8-10 years, (the Big Fig Mattress offers a 20-year warranty). The replacement terms include the specific physical conditions under which the retailer will fix or replace your product if it is damaged.

    Also check to see if any portion of the warranty period is "pro-rated". If so, this means that your repair or replacement will not be free, you will be charged a pro-rated portion of your initial purchase price (depending upon how many years you've owned your mattress) which could be substantial.

    Once you’ve located these terms, you should check to make sure that they correspond. If your warranty lasts 10 years, but the replacement terms are unreasonably rigid, you may not receive the warranty service you expect.

  • Has “One-Size-Fits-All” Claims

    Every body type has unique requirements for a good night's sleep. Why would a mattress designed for an average weight sleeper provide the level of support, comfort and longevity most appropriate for a plus size individual? It simply wouldn’t, so it’s important to find a mattress that is built for your body type and your specific needs.

  • Hides the Weight Limit

    The weight limit paired with the warranty duration will help you answer the question “How long will it last”? If you can’t find the weight limit on the website, the mattress company is simply not being transparent. They may have something to hide about the longevity of their product.

  • Forgets About The Foundation (AKA: Box Spring)

    It’s easy to overlook your bed foundation (AKA: Box Spring) as a mere accessory, but the truth is that your mattress is only as strong as the foundation that supports it. Without a strong foundation, a mattress will degrade even faster and can cause premature sagging and discomfort. The Big Fig Mattress Foundation is the strongest foundation available in the mattress industry and is designed to work together with Big Fig Mattress as an integrated sleep system - the foundation absorbs impact from the mattress, and in turn, increases its longevity.

Save $100 + Free White Glove Delivery w/ code: DREAM. Ends Soon!

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