National Relaxation Day

10 Steps to Complete Relaxation

August 15, 2018
National Relaxation Day

Happy National Relaxation Day, Figgies! Here at Big Fig Mattress, we know how all about sleep relaxation, so we’ve created 10 steps to help you have the best “relax day” ever!

Get Comfy

If you’re looking to relax and recharge, comfy loungewear is a must. There’s no better feeling that slipping into a cozy set of pjs. Once you’re dressed to destress, hop into a luxury mattress that matches - like the Big Fig, equipped with 3 layers of high density foam and ThermoGel cooling technology! Pair it with some soft blankets and supportive pillows and you’re ready to for a long, restful sleep.

Take Tips From the Kids

Kids are the ultimate masters of stress free living - take some notes! Get yourself an adult coloring book and set of finger paints. Take your mind off of the rest of your day and focus on some simple pleasures. Another tip from the kids, head to bed early!

Read a Book

One of the most common, yet effective relaxation techniques for sleep is reading a book.It doesn’t have to be a novel or a prize winner - it can even be a children's book! Curl up, veg out, and let the relaxation set in. If the book puts you to sleep, that’s just a bonus!

Sip to Sleep

There are tons of recommendations out there for tea that helps you sleep - chamomile, valerian, lemon, green. Herbal teas are the perfect sleep remedy. For some added benefits, add a spoonful of honey. Not only is the nectar a yummy addition, but it’s been known to decrease inflammation in the brain, which helps reduce anxiety.

Take a Soak

Nothing says relaxation more than a hot bubble bath. It’s a simple but sure way to unwind and get ready for bed. If you’re pressed for time, soak your feet for 5 minutes. Try soothing lavender bath soap for an extra relaxing experience.

Channel Your Inner Yogi

You don’t need to book a yoga retreat in the mountains to experience the benefits of bedtime meditation. Forget the fancy poses - simply find a quiet place and clear your mind for 5 minutes each day. You’ll find yourself in the “namaste in bed” state in no time.

Order In

Preparing dinner? Stressful.

Eating dinner? Stress free.

Treat yourself to to take out from your favorite restaurant and leave the cooking to the


Turn to Tunes

Relaxing bedtime music can help you drift away into a stress free slumber. Check out our Deep Sleep playlist on Spotify for some soothing sleep sounds or try out a sound machine!

Introduce Soothing Scents

Candles, aromatherapy, essential oils, pillow sprays - we’re into all of it. Scents like lavender are known to induce relaxation and can be purchased in all different forms.

Take a Deep Breath

There are many different breathing exercises for sleep. Our favorite is simple and easy: “The 4-7-8 Method.” Close your mouth and inhale through your nose for a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. Exhale for a count of 8 and repeat. Sleepy yet?

Enter to Win a Sleep Relaxation Basket

In honor of National Relaxation Day, we’re giving away a basket of relaxation gifts! Enter to win on our Facebook page by commenting your favorite relaxation tip from this blog. For a bonus entry, share our post with all your figgy friends! The winner will be announced on August, 21st 2018.