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Big Fig Mattress Review

December 21, 2018 by: Marquis Neal
This Mattress Is Major!

My introduction to Big Fig was as organic and genuine as I would’ve imagined. I saw Big Fig as part of another blogger's posts a couple years ago and was incredibly intrigued, “A mattress built for fat bodies, there’s such a thing?!” I literally found myself scratching my head. I thought it was normal for mattresses to naturally give out after a fairly short amount of time. I immediately became interested. I had just purchased a new pillow top mattress a few months prior (which in that moment I was already regretting) and could already feel both my partner and I’s bodies creating a strangely organic form or “nook” in the mattress. (SPOILER ALERT: It only got worse).

So when I saw Big Fig reach out to set me up with my own - I can honestly tell you - I was already on board when I read the subject line.

I ordered a queen size mattress and alongside a 5” foundation in hopes that my partner and I would get the amount of flexible space needed when sleeping comfortably. We also included a bed frame with white glove delivery because living on the top floor of a NYC walk-up really required it. After waiting about 2-3 weeks from placing my order, my bed was here. And to my surprise, the delivery men came, delivered up 5 flights of stairs, and set up my mattress in literally 30 minutes!!!!! My jaw was honestly on the floor, I can barely put together simple furniture.

My first impression upon diving into my new mattress initially was “wow this is much firmer than my other mattress!” For those of you wondering, I always loved plush mattresses because I equated them with being “better” for your back, and as someone with a fat body, making sure my body and back are supported is a main concern of mine. It was my first night of sleep with my Big Fig that changed all of that. When entering, a bit hesitant of the firmness, I felt myself easily relax and get comfortable. I melted into position, didn’t toss or turn, and fell into a wonderful sleep. I woke up feeling energized and noticeably, my small fatigues that I associated with sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, were gone! My partner has a smaller body and has even said his first night’s sleep was unexpectedly just what his body needed, and didn’t know it. It’s been roughly 3 months of wonderful sleeps and energized mornings for us and I can honestly say that my Big Fig has become one of the best things I’ve ever owned. It still feels as firm and fluffy as the day I received it and it remains an experience I’m still looking forward to every morning. No more thoughts of sleeping “incorrectly” following an arm or chest ache in the morning, no more tossing and turning and disrupting my partner while he sleeps, and more importantly no more feeling like “New Bed Swag” is just a moment that doesn’t last forever!

You guys when I say forever, I literally mean FOREVER or what feels like it, because of Big Fig is a 20 YEAR GUARANTEE! That literally means I don’t have to worry about my mattress until i’m almost 50! That is Major! What else is major is that you can use my code “MARQUIMODE” to save on your own Big Fig Mattress and guarantee yourself 20 years of restful sleep.

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