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Marcy Cruz : How Big Fig Gave My Mom The Best Gift of Her Life

May 11, 2018 by: Marcy Cruz
How Big Fig Gave My Mom The Best Gift of Her Life

How Big Fig Gave My Mom The Best Gift of Her Life… The Gift of Sleep

I’ve learned that sleep is something we all need and what you sleep on is so important. It took suffering great loss and dealing with the mental aftermath, as well as caring for a parent, for me to realize that getting a good night’s rest can change your life and improve your relationships.

My dad died in 2011 suddenly from a heart attack and then my younger brother passed away three years later from a fatal asthma attack. I had no idea how much of an impact grief would have on my sleeping pattern or my mom’s.

My brother’s death had more of an impact on both of us since we were just coming to terms with my dad’s death and my brother was only 40. You never think someone that young will die but it happens. About a year after Danny died, my mom started having trouble sleeping where she would stop breathing once she was in a deep sleep and feel like she was having a heart attack.

After seeing her primary doctor who sent her to see a number of specialists including a cardiologist, she was given a clean bill of health with the exception of her already diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis.

But these episodes continued to happen. She even went for a sleep study and sleep apnea was ruled out. I was exhausted at this point and my poor mom was so desperate to get some sleep. Then we had to visit one more doctor to rule everything out… a psychiatrist.

Turns out my mom was experiencing panic attacks. We were both shocked because she kept saying mentally she was fine. I think she was so preoccupied with being that strong rock for my nieces (my brother’s daughters) and myself, that she had internalized a lot of her grief, which manifested itself into anxiety. She was simply scared to die and felt like when she fell asleep, she wouldn’t wake up.

I completely understood this since we had lost half of our immediate family in a span of three years. That’s a major wake-up call that lets you know how little control you have over your life in that respect.

She began to seek help for her anxiety and while her sleeping improved, it was not at a level where she was getting a proper amount of rest. She was so tired all the time and it affected her RA where she was having lots of joint pain and stiffness. My mom is such a proud and stubborn woman so she would say to me all the time that she was fine. But I knew differently.

Lack of sleep makes you irritable, which caused us to argue more over things that were minor. My mom was not happy and it showed.Then Big Fig Mattress came into my life. Working with a brand who truly cares about their customer and is passionate about offering them a product that is created with them in mind, has been wonderful. After trying the mattress myself, I instantly thought maybe this could help my mom. Her bed was ready to be replaced and after knowing all the positive details about the mattress, I knew it would be the perfect bed for my mom.

She was already in major pain from her RA and coupled with the fact that she was having trouble sleeping due to her anxiety, I knew she needed a bed that was not only comfortable but durable. As a person of size, the last thing you want to worry about is an unstable bed where you are afraid to move around in and get comfortable.

Six months later… After getting her Big Fig mattress, my mom is sleeping well and has not had a panic attack. It’s been truly amazing. What I love the most is that the bed doesn’t sag and honestly, it doesn’t move when you get on it. The foundation is so strong so you don’t have to worry about it not being able to hold your weight or not lasting a long time.

My mom’s favorite moments now are in bed. <laughs> At one time, she was afraid to even go into her bedroom or lay on her bed. Now she looks forward to going to sleep and has been sleeping well to the point where she seems more alert, refreshed and happy. She also loves spending time with her grandson on her new mattress, where she can read him stories, play games on her tablet and cuddle while watching TV.

Our relationship has also improved. It got strained over time with both of us not sleeping well and being irritable. We get along so well now that it’s incredible how important sleep has been to get us to this place. I feel like a little girl again, who has her mom back.

Sleep not only helps with your physical health but also your mental health too. This Mother’s Day, my mom will be able to go out and walk without a cane, enjoying her time with me and her grandchildren. And I owe that to Big Fig Mattress. They gave my mom a gift that has changed her life.

I’m sure my dad and brother are both looking down, beaming with happiness that we are finally on a path to wellness, including a better night’s sleep.

Marcy Cruz

Marcy Cruz

Marcy Cruz is a New York City-based freelance writer and signed fit model. As a lifestyle blogger, public speaker and body positive advocate, she uses her voice and pen to inspire others to live fully no matter what. She’s been the Blog Editor for PLUS Model Magazine since 2013 and First Fit Model/Reviewer for Gwynnie Bee since the program's launch in January 2016. She’s also one of the few size 26+ fit models signed to an agency.Named one of the 14 Latinx Plus-Size Fashionistas You Need To Follow by Ravishly.com, she advises many brands and designers on fit/style and is highly regarded as a trailblazer and veteran in the plus size fashion community.