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Claudia Floraunce : Big Fig Mattress Changed My Life!

Big Fig Mattress Review

January 22, 2019 by: Claudia Floraunce
Big Fig Mattress Changed My Life!

I am genuinely excited to have found this amazingly comfortable mattress from Big Fig! At last, a product that fulfills my needs completely and allows me to rest and wake up refreshed, and with no more back pain! This is a very important aspect for me, in terms of choosing an appropriate mattress, that would really make a difference, support my entire body, and allow me to have a restful sleep.

I have been struggling with back pain for years, and all the mattresses I have owned before have not been supportive enough to prevent it. They would, of course, all come with a great promise of restful sleep and no back pain whatsoever, but, sadly, they all failed, one after another, to the point that I had almost given up all hope of finding a mattress that would be fit for me, and had resigned myself to accepting that there was no real solution to my back pain. 

And then a miracle happened: I was introduced to Big Fig Mattress! What a relief, to wake up refreshed, rested, and pain free! It goes to show you how important spine alignment is, and how crucial it is to have the proper back support while we rest. It truly feels like sleeping on a big cloud of comfort, as the material molds to your frame, and supports you from every angle.

For me, what also makes this mattress stand out from the rest is that Big Fig designs their product to fit larger frame folks. I have owned my Big Fig Mattress for two months now, and I am very happy to report that I wake every morning pain free. I cannot stress enough what an important aspect being pain free is, as now I can go through my entire day being able to accomplish so much more than I could before! There is nothing like relief from pain, and being able to feel good and smile again. I no longer toss and turn at night, and I am comfortable on the entire surface of my mattress. My kitties love it as well! I cannot even feel them walking around on my bed, being so sound asleep! Proper rest is so important! If you wake up energized, you can indeed conquer your day!

The company’s service has been excellent as well. All the employees I spoke with were very kind and helpful, and from placing the order to the white glove delivery and installation, everything has been handled very professionally, and to the highest standards. They delivery people were all punctual, courteous, and they even retrieved my old mattress for me, so I would not have to deal with disposing of it! All in all, I am happy to have been welcomed by such a wonderful customer service, in addition to having received such a wonderful product, just as promised.

You cannot go wrong with this mattress! I believe anyone would be able to enjoy and appreciate its comfort, but if you are a plus size human being, then this mattress is especially for you! It will change your life, just as it has changed mine. I highly recommend this company, and their incredible product! Go get your Big Fig Mattress, and you will not be disappointed!

Claudia Floraunce

Claudia Floraunce

Claudia Floraunce Fortelka is an international Plus Size Model, Actress and Body Positive Spokesperson. She works in numerous fashion areas of modeling, including fit modeling and runway. She has been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide and featured on many TV shows. Her story is one of humble beginnings, as she was born and raised in a small town, St. Florian, near Linz, Austria. At the age of 19, she decided to come to America to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and a model. Since a size 24/26 was not accepted in the entertainment business, she was and still is determined to show that you can be successful at any size.