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Big Fig Mattress vs. Saatva HD

June 12, 2019
Big Fig Mattress vs. Saatva HD

The Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress made specifically for bigger figures. At Big Fig, we are deeply committed to providing better sleep to the plus size and big & tall community, as it is the sole mission and objective of our company. With a history of years of satisfied customers and 5-star reviews, we’re not afraid of the new competition. Read on to see how the Big Fig Mattress compares against the Saatva HD Mattress.



Overview The Big Fig Mattress Saatva HD
Type Individual Springs + Foam Hybrid Spring Hybrid + Pillow Top
Price $1,699
Queen with Foundation included
Queen with Foundation included
Weight Limit 1,100 lbs. 1000 lbs.
Published Test Results Yes - View Test Results No


The Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD
Big Fig Price is Lower By
Twin XL $1,399 $1,689 $390
Full $1,499 $2,144 $645
Queen $1,699 $2,784 $1,085
King $1,999 $3,179 $1,180
Cal King $1,999 $3,179 $1,180

At Big Fig Mattress, we believe everyone deserves a great night’s sleep, no matter what size they are and what they can afford. The queen Saatva HD set is nearly $3,000 and more than $1,000 more expensive than a comparable Big Fig Mattress set. Saatva claims their high price point is due to the luxurious feel of their mattress, yet they won’t disclose many of the details surrounding the “luxurious” components they use. We are upfront and specific about the luxury materials we use in the Big Fig Mattress. If you want to sleep on a luxurious mattress that is also made for a bigger figure, there’s only one Big Fig Mattress. Besides, why would you spend over $1000 more for a mattress than you need to?


Published Test Results

The Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

Published Test Results

Any mattress company can claim they have a durable mattress, but we proved it by sending the Big Fig Mattress to a third party facility for durability and longevity testing under heavy weight conditions. The Big Fig passed with flying colors and we share all of the detailed test results on our site.

View Our Results Here

No Evidence Published

Saatva HD claims to have long-lasting support, but does not publish any test results (if they even have them) to share their supposed evidence with consumers. Published test results are crucial to trusting in a product’s performance. Without them, you should seriously question whether the Saatva HD is actually as durable as it claims, especially given their very limited warranty (see details below).

Sleep Cool Features

The Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

ThermoGel Cooling Technology & Perforated, Gel-Infused Foam Layer 

The Big Fig Mattress is made with ThermoGel cooling technology that actively helps to cool your body temperature as you sleep. In addition to this technology, just beneath the sleep surface is a layer of perforated gel-infused foam. This unique combination of layers minimizes overall body temperature and allows for a cool night's sleep that you won't find elsewhere. We have countless consumer reviews that attest to sleeping cool in our mattress.

Cotton Fabric

Saatva HD claims to have a “breathable organic cotton” pillow top that promotes cool sleep. What they have, in fact, is nothing more than a blended cotton fabric on the top surface of the mattress. Organic or not, cotton simply does not provide the cooling features that hot sleepers need to stay cool throughout the night. Without any underlying cooling, Saatva’s mattress lacks a critical feature important to most plus-size sleepers.

Coil Count & Quality

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

1,200 Coils (Queen), 15 Gauge, Individually Wrapped Construction

The Big Fig Mattress is constructed with 1,200 wrapped coils, delivering unmatched support for bigger figure sleepers. As the coils also move independently due to their unique construction, they allow for limited motion and partner disturbance while providing individualized comfort and support for sleepers of all sizes and shapes.

Less Than 400 coils (Queen), 12.5 Gauge, Linked Spring

Less expensive linked spring innersprings do not deliver the luxurious comfort and support that premium individually wrapped springs provide. Almost any premium innerspring mattress available today, regardless of brand, uses individually wrapped coils. Saatva HD does not. And at less than 400 coils for Saatva, Big Fig has more than 3 times as many coils, delivering superior support and a more responsive sleep surface.



Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

20 Years Full Warranty, Free Repair and Replacement

The Big Fig Mattress is guaranteed for 20 years with an unheard of and completely free, full repair and replacement warranty. If your Big Fig Mattress or Big Fig Foundation fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the defective item at no additional cost to you. We offer this same coverage throughout the full 20 years after purchasing. And you’ll still enjoy the same warranty protection if you choose to use the Big Fig on an adjustable bed base. We constructed our mattress with flexibility and durability in mind, making it perfect for use with adjustable bases.

2 Years Full warranty, 18 Years of Repair Only for $198 Per Issue

Saatva HD claims to have a 20 year warranty, but after reading the fine print you will quickly discover they only offer a free replacement warranty for 2 years after purchasing. After 2 years, they will only warranty repair of your mattress (not replacement) and you are required to pay $99 each way to cover transportation costs. There goes another $198 on a mattress that claimed it would last you 20 years. Separately, they will offer to sell you a new mattress to replace your defective one – for example, after 6 years you would have to pay over $1200 to replace your defective queen mattress, after 11 years it would cost you more than $1800! Does that sound fair? And forget using an adjustable bed base – doing so completely voids Saatva’s already limited warranty.

Foam Quality

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

3 Layers of High Density Foam

The foam used to construct the Big Fig Mattress is 50% denser than the foam used in a standard mattress. The Big Fig includes 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot) and densities as high as 2.5 pcf.

2 Layers of Undisclosed Foam Density

High-density, high quality foam is essential for a mattress to retain its shape. The cause of mattress sag is most often found in the quality and density of its foam layers. Saatva HD does not disclose any information regarding the foam density used in their mattress. This combined with their lack of published test results and very limited warranty raises serious questions about the durability of their mattress.

Satisfied Customers

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Customers

If you have any question about the comfort and durability and the great night’s sleep you’ll get with a Big Fig mattress, just look at the rave reviews we’ve received from thousands of satisfied customers over the last 2 ½ years. Websites, reviewers, bloggers, etc. can say whatever they want (or are paid to) but the people that sleep on our mattress are the only ones that really know!

First Sold in May of 2019

The Saatva HD mattress went on the market just a few weeks ago. Few have even arrived to consumers yet, so there is virtually no track record as to how they feel, perform, or what quality of sleep they provide. Why would you pay almost $3000 for a mattress with no track record and few if any actual customer reviews?


Product Consistency

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

One Family-Owned 4th Generation Factory

We take great pride in being a family-owned mattress company. Every single Big Fig Mattress is made with consistent, quality materials in our fourth-generation factory in Cleveland, Ohio. The Big Fig Mattress is 100% sourced and made in the USA.

19 Subcontracted Factories, Which One Will Your Mattress Come From?

Saatva HD manufactures their mattresses in 19 different factories across the country. Each factory is independently owned, with each subcontractor able to maximize their own profit. Their profit motivations can affect the quality of the mattresses they build for Saatva. With such a high potential for product inconsistency, how can you feel confident you’re getting the same quality as stated on their website or that other customers receive?

Pillow Top

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD


13” Height

The Big Fig Mattress was specifically designed without a pillow top as pillow tops have proven to be prone to body impressions and mattress sag over time. With 13” of high-quality, top-of-the-line materials, a pillow top isn’t needed to deliver luxurious comfort. The luxury design of the Big Fig is achieved with progressively firmer foam layers atop 1,200 individual coil springs. At 13”, standard deep pocket sheets will fit just right on a Big Fig.


13” Height + 2.5” Pillow Top

Saatva’s mattress has a pillow top. As a result, their thicker mattress and increased amounts of foam (of unknown quality/density) creates more opportunities for body impressions to occur. At nearly 16 inches, the Saatva HD is also tough to find sheets for. Many fitted sheets will pop off while you sleep with an overly thick pillow top mattress.


Edge Support

Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD


Edge Support Engineered for Strength

The Big Fig is constructed with the firmest, high density foam rails to keep you feeling secure in bed, even near the edge. Not only does the Big Fig provide an extremely sturdy and supportive edge for sitting, it also allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress. We use a high density, high ILD foam in our edge which means that it maintains its shape and springs back quickly after being compressed. Firm edges are essential for consistent comfort and support across the entire mattress, especially for bigger figure sleepers.


Soft Edges That Provide Weak Support

The Saatva HD is a very soft mattress. Too soft, in our opinion, for bigger figure sleepers. Without the underlying support from more coils and higher density foams, you simply do not get the level of support your body and spine needs to stay in proper alignment. For many bigger figure sleepers, their primary motivation to buy a new mattress is to replace their current mattress which is too soft and unsupportive.



Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

Foundation Included

The importance of a supportive foundation cannot be overlooked when purchasing a mattress, as it is an integral part of the entire sleep system. It’s critical to maintaining the comfort & integrity of your mattress, especially for bigger figured sleepers. That is why the Big Fig Foundation is included in the price of the Big Fig Mattress. The Big Fig Foundation is the strongest foundation available anywhere, comprised of 18 slats, 2.5” wide with 2 center beams. The Big Fig Foundation is 7” tall, offering the perfect bed height for all sleepers.

Foundation Not Included

Saatva HD does not include a foundation in the price of their mattress, but a foundation can be added at an additional cost, such as $285 for a queen. This makes the Saatva set over $1,000 more expensive than the Big Fig queen set. The Saatva HD foundation is significantly inferior to Big Fig’s, with 60% fewer slats (7 versus 18) and only one cross beam support instead of the 2 used by Big Fig.


Big Fig Mattress
Saatva HD

Ideal Mix of Firm Support and Plush Feel

For any sleeper, particularly if they are bigger figure, getting just the right combination of proper firm support with a comfortable surface plush feel is critical. At Big Fig, we’ve had years of experience in mattress design, and we worked closely with a number of bigger figure sleepers to make sure we got the firmness just right. Too firm, a mattress is uncomfortable to sleep on and creates pressure points. Too soft, your body sinks in too far, leaving your body and spine improperly supported, while increasing the chances of sleeping hot. Our customers rave about our firmness being just right, especially side sleepers who demand more due to critical pressure points on their shoulders and hips. But you don’t have to believe us, just read our customer reviews!

Too Soft

Saatva HD is a very soft mattress. Too soft, in our opinion, for bigger figure sleepers. Without the underlying support from more coils and higher density foams, you just don’t get the level of support you need for your body and spine to stay in proper alignment. And for many bigger figure sleepers, their primary motivation to buy a new mattress is to replace their current mattress which is too soft and unsupportive.