Back to School Sleep Tips

Pop Quiz: Are You Ready For a Better Night’s Sleep?

August 16, 2018
Back to School Sleep Tips

We did our homework and we’re sharing A+ tips for for easing into back to school (and back to sleep!) routines for the entire family.

Start A School Sleep Schedule

The better your student sleeps, the better you sleep. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is key to making sure everyone in your home is well rested and ready to go when the alarm clock rings! Gradually adjust bedtimes by 15 minute increments in the weeks prior to the first day of school. This way, your child’s sleep rhythm will start to change at a comfortable pace before school starts. Be sure to implement the schedule even on the weekends!

Master the Bedtime Routine

Having some quiet time before bed is a great way to unwind from a busy day. Both kids and adults can benefit from an evening routine, such as turning off electronic devices one hour before bedtime and relaxing with a warm bath. Start a tradition of reading a bedtime story, singing a lullaby, or checking under the bed for monsters. Eventually, your child’s brain will develop a natural “cue” that tells them “it’s time for bed!”

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

Children can be easily distracted by sounds, smells, temperatures, you name it  - anything to avoid bedtime! Eliminate the distractions and optimize their sleeping space with some simple sleep hacks. Set up a sound machine to help them drift off into dreamland. Place an essential oil diffuser in each bedroom of your home with soothing sleep scents like lavender and vanilla. Tuck them in with cozy blankets and they’ll be snoozing in no time!

Set An Example

The best way to ensure your kids are getting a good night’s sleep is to get one yourself! Our back to school tips for parents: start your own sleep routine, follow your own sleep schedule, and create your own sleep sanctuary. Most importantly, be sure to invest in a supportive mattress that is designed to meet your needs, like the Big Fig Mattress. When the kids go back to school, go back to sleep!