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Don’t Be Fooled By Other Mattress Companies

April 01, 2018

Purchasing a mattress is no joke. Many shoppers research for days, weeks, or even months before making a final purchase. But we don’t blame you, your sleep is an important investment! That’s why we built a mattress from materials that are made to last, and that we’re proud to stand behind with a 20 year warranty.

Not all mattress companies are honest about the details of their product. Don’t let them fool you! Look out for these red flags when shopping for a new mattress.

Foundation Flaws

Truth is, your mattress is only as strong as the foundation that supports it. Without a strong foundation, a mattress will degrade rapidly and prematurely sag, leading to discomfort. The Big Fig Mattress foundation is the strongest foundation available in the mattress industry. Our foundation absorbs impact from the mattress, and in turn, increases its longevity.

One Size Fits All

Just like clothes or shoes, it’s important to find a mattress that’s the perfect fit. If you’re like most of us, you spend a lot of time in your bed - so you deserve to be comfortable! Big Fig recognizes that every body type has unique requirements for a good night's sleep. Individuals with a smaller frame may prefer a softer, more flexible mattress. Whereas those with a bigger figure need additional support and firmness. We’re here to ensure that no matter what your size, your sleep is sound.

Omitted Test Results

While many mattress companies perform tests on their mattress to measure performance, most companies will not share the full test results. What good is knowing the test without the test results? The Big Fig Mattress is the only mattress company that releases real test results to the public. In addition, we offer a 120 night sleep trial so that you can test the Big Fig for yourself!

Lack of Tufts

One of the most effective ways to ensure the long-term durability and integrity of a mattress is to hand-tuft it. Tufting secures the mattress layers in place, virtually eliminating the shifting of materials that leads to lumpiness, sagging, and discomfort. Every Big Fig mattress is hand-tufted by skilled craftsmen in our factory. Due to the high cost of hand tufting, it is found on very few mattresses and is almost unheard of at the price level of the Big Fig.

Sold in a Box

A quality mattress shouldn’t be sold in a box. A product so essential to your everyday routine should be handled with care! A truly durable mattress shouldn’t be scrunched up inside a small box and dropped on your doorstep. The Big Fig Mattress has three layers of high-density foam, a 1600 count innerspring system, and is hand-tufted in 16 places. This sort of quality and durability should not be rolled up and stuffed inside a small box; it should be delivered thoughtfully and carefully. This is why we offer a special White Glove Delivery service that includes the unboxing and assembly of your new mattress.


Save $250 w/ code: PRESDAY. Ends 2/19.

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